An African Lion or a Fat Cougar is Hunting in Milwaukee


Big Cat Sighting has Milwaukee Residents on Edge

A big cat has recently been reported and recorded in Milwaukee, with characteristics similar to that of an African lion. Kelly Brooks, a man living near Garfield Avenue and Palmer Street, got a call from a neighbor, Annie Nolen, on Monday who told Brooks that there was a large animal in his back yard that resembled a lion. Mrs. Nolen’s daughter recorded the lion on her cell phone, though the recording isn’t the best quality.

The sighting was not only unusual for Milwaukee, but also because it happened in broad daylight. Lions typically shy away from human beings and are more likely to hunt at night. No one has reported an escaped lion, however, and this sighting is the only one so far reported in the area, at least officially. Earlier this week a dog was shot after it was mistaken for the lion, but the dog is expected to make a full recovery. Officials from Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources have been to Brooks’ home to investigate the sighting, and are responding to other credible reports as they come in.

In a report by local news station WISN (see below), Theresa Donarski of the Racine Zoo states that the animal on the grainy video looks very much like the lions at the zoo. The animal on the video walks like the lions at the zoo and has a very similarly muscular body, she says.

African Lion or Just a Fat Cougar?

There have been several conifrmed sightings of wild mountain lions in the northern part of Wisconsin over recent years, but the size of this one has some big cat experts doubting that’s what is captured here. Some believe that the creature is a young escaped African lion, while others believe its bulky size and its daytime appearance in a very populated area suggest that it is a well-fed pet, most likely a cougar, perhaps being kept in a nearby neighbor’s home.