Black Triangle UFO’s Seen in Detroit Area Over Several Nights


Black Triangle-UFO’s Get Detroit Talking…

On January 10, Fox 2 News out of Detroit posted the question “Anybody else see some strange looking lights in the sky tonight?” on their Facebook page at around 9 p.m.  Over the next two days, the question generated over 600 comments, most of them nonsense (Obama & tin-foil hat jokes).


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There were a few serious responses, however – among them was that of Shaun Kasoff, who stated:

I was the one who called into the Fox 2 news room and first broke this story. They were black triangle shaped objects making circles over West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills. There was no noise and they had bright lights. I’m not making this up and I know somebody else saw these things.

In fact, Shaun was right.  Though quite a distance away, Mike Power, who lives in Canada directly across from Port Huron, Michigan, was driving when his son spotted a low-flying object near the end of his street.  When Mr. Power was able to take a look at the object, he saw “3 or 4 big lights” on an object that was “either triangle shaped, or shaped like a boomerang.”

Much closer to Kassof’s sighting, A. Hempel reported seeing lights in the Southfield area.  She described them as “triangular and flying weird, flashing lights and bright.”  R. Sands reported seeing a large object with three white lights and one red light, though it appeared to her to have a rectangular shape, rather than triangular.

Sands’ description matches that of A. Murphy’s, who stated that on the previous night (Jan 9) she had seen a “strange set of lights over Wolverine Lake. Just above the tree line… 3 white lights and 1 red. It hovered and bounced for about 10 minutes and then just vanished”. R. Lauderbach also stated that she had pictures of “the lights” from Jan. 9 near “Gratiot & 24 Mile”, though she does not offer a description.

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, has an extensive database of UFO sightings.  There is one report from January 10 that could potentially tie some of the events together.  The witness reports that she and her husband were going South on Gratiot near the 696 exit, when they saw three objects:

The first one… made a sharp left turn… and headed west. When it turned we could see plainly that it was a triangle shape with red, blue and green lights on the points of the triangle. The 2nd followed the same pattern as the first… [it] looked like two big tanks connected in front and back… [with] bright white lights. Both of them moved slowly without any noise… before we turned we saw a brillant white light traveling from the east. As we were making the turn we stopped our car and the object then appeared to be hovering over the buildings in front of us, it then shot to the west and moved slowly to the west beside our car, thats when I could see it was a diamond shape with 4 lights on each point.

The witness does not report the light pattern of the diamond-shaped object, but it sounds somewhat similar to the four-light (3 white, 1 red) object that others on Facebook reported.

Two days later, on Jan. 12 at approximately 7 a.m., another witness filed a report in the Southfield area on Telegraph Road.  Again, the witness states that the triangular object was “very low in the sky, low enough to recognize the shape”.  The object appeared to be stationary, with “5 lights, three orbs and two rectangular flashing”.

A witness in Ontario (specific location unspecified) reported a sighting of a triangular-shaped craft on Jan. 12 at approximately 7:24 a.m.  The witness reportedly was awakened by her mother who first spotted the object.  From her mother’s bedroom window, the witness observed what looked like six orb-like lights, “flashing colors, and the dots were in a triangular shape”.  The lights became dimmer, then disappeared.  The witness claims that it reappeared for a short time about two minutes later.  The time is very close to the Southfield sighting, though the witness in Ontario reports the object moving north.

Finally, at 12:40 am on Jan. 13, a sighting of three “red/orange lights” forming a triangle pattern was recorded in Troy, MI.  The witness stated in his MUFON report that he was driving east on Big Beaver Road, and saw a light that he at first thought to be a Chinese lantern moving west.  Again, this was reported as being very low in the sky, “beneath the low-lying cloud cover”.  There was no noise as the lights maintained their position for a short time, “then disappeared one by one”.  [click the thumbnail below to see a photo from this sighting on]

The full story from Fox 2 News out of Detroit can be found at the bottom of this article.

The map below shows a few of the areas sightings were reported: