‘Flying Saucer’ UFO’s Near Fort Bragg in 1950


In the first half of October in 1950, the Lumberton airway communication station, which was part of the Civil Aeronautics Association, received a report of four “flying saucers” flying in the airspace near Fort Bragg, a major US Army installation in North Carolina. The report came from an airline pilot flying over the area, who said the UFO’s were also witnessed by his co-pilot.

According to the pilot, each object looked like “two saucers fitted together”, and appeared to be made of a metallic substance like aluminum or chrome. The pilot stated that as his plane came closer tho the four objects, they “took off in a burst of in a burst of speed”.

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Some elements of this story will sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts today. The crafts flying away in a “burst” of speed sounds very much like the many reports of UFO’s today that seemingly defying the laws of physics as they speed away. The fact that the flying discs were reported near Fort Bragg reminds one of how many UFO reports come from and near militay installations.

Source: The Robesonian (Lumberton, North Carolina) October 17, 1950, page 4