Ghost Caught on Camera in English Wine Bar


A Youtube video, posted on July 11 by Cheshire News, shows a security camera’s recording of what appears to be a ghostly figure walking by. The footage was filmed in the Dreamwater Lounge wine bar, a club in Stockton Heath with a maritime theme. At around the 5-second mark, you can see what appears to be a bug fly past the camera. Around the 9 or 10-second mark, the video feed becomes distorted, and what appears to be a ghostly apparition appears to move through the frame.

Employees have reportedly heard strange tapping in the building, and the faucets in the men’s restroom supposedly turns on by itself.

According to the club’s Facebook Page, a group of ghost hunters known as Dead Live are going to conduct an investigation on July 20th, which will be broadcast live, over the Internet. It should begin at 1 p.m. (EST) in the United States. Check out the event invitation here.