The Greatest Bigfoot Witness of All Time (with video)


Forget about Rick Dyer and all of his claims. Forget about the Patterson-Gimlin film, and everyone you’ve ever seen on shows like Finding Bigfoot and Monsterquest. One of the greatest Bigfoot sightings of all time happened in North Carolina, for it was the sighting reported by the greatest Bigfoot witness of all time, Mr. Tim Peeler.

911The sighting took place in Cleveland County, which rests in the Foothills of North Carolina, west of Charlotte. Stories of other Bigfoot encounters have been told in the area over the years. This particular encounter took place over four years ago, but to this day I’m not aware of any encounters with unknown animals that were this fabulous. Say what you want about Peeler’s claims, I sure wouldn’t mind having him at my next party.

About 3 a.m. one morning, Peeler was in his house watching t.v. when he heard coyotes in the woods outside. He got up and went out back and began doing coyote calls, expecting one to emerge from the woods as he watched. Instead, he was shocked when an enormous, hairy biped with “beautiful hair” walked up from the woods. Mr. Peeler estimated the creature to be approximately 10 feet tall, and thought it had 6 fingers on each hand (Interestingly, while rare, 6-fingered / 6-toed Bigfoot have been reported before).

According to a news report from local broadcaster WCNC, the hairy giant began menacing Tim Peeler’s dog, at which point Peeler caused him to run away by “rough-talking” him. The creature came back for another look, however, at which point Peeler, armed with a stick, began making a jabbing motion and telling the creature to “Get away from here!”

This report from WCNC details Mr. Peeler’s account:

This is the original 911 call that Peeler made. Some are confused by what they call a “groggy” quality to his voice:

Here is a more detailed video of Peeler from another investigator: