High School Student Builds Nuclear Reactor

Conrad Farnsworth, a Wyoming high school senior who built a nuclear reactor for a science fair, was disqualified from the International Science and Engineering Fair this month on the grounds that he has entered too many science fairs. The technicality was reported by the then-director of the Wyoming State Science Fair. She is no longer the director.

The 18-year old Farnsworth made the reactor in his Dad’s garage from parts he found online and those that he traded among others with the same interest. He is reported to be one of 15-or-so teenagers in the world to have built a fusion reactor.

FuturamaProfessorFarnsworthWe report this story because:

  1. It’s unsettling to think about how easy building a fusion reactor is (Well, okay, not easy, maybe… I certainly couldn’t do it. But it’s unsettling to think about a high school student being able to build it. The day after Wayne Baker and his buddies bullied me may have gone a lot differently if I could have).
  2. This particular genius shares the same last name not only of Philo Farnsworth (who invented the Farnsworth-Hirsch fusor, an apparatus that creates nuclear fusion), but of Futurama’s scientist/inventor, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Perhaps a smell-o-scope is in the cards for us after all.