Icelandic Lake Monster Exists, Says Commission


The existence of the “Iclandic Worm Monster” has been confirmed by a 13-member commission that was formed by the  Fljótsdalshérað municipal council. The unknown beast inhabits Lagarfljót Lake, located near the Northeastern coast of Iceland.

iceland-lake-monster-strangetrek-2Written accounts of the creature go back as far as 1345, in the Icelandic Annals, and sightings continue today. The lake serpent is said to be more than 300 feet in length and is described as having humps. It has been seen as it surfaced in the water, but some eyewitnesses report having seen it coiled up on the bank of the lake.

A map from 1595, on display at a local museum, marks the lake as containing a dreadful monster that is said to often appear before a disaster (a theme common in cryptids, like Mothman).

Much of the commission’s conclusion hinged on determining the authenticity of a video of the creature shot by Hjortur Kjerulf. The farmer filmed the creature while standing at his kitchen window in 2012. The video seems to show a large, serpentine creature slowly meandering through the icy lake:

Here is a video showing some more instances of what appear to be near-surfaces of the creature, supposedly shot from the same kitchen. Serpent-shaped ripples can be seen moving through the water:

Here is a news story about the creature featuring the farmer who shot the video: