Juggalo Allegedly Shoots Girlfriend for Dissing Juggalo Family


A 20-year old woman was shot in the back while sitting in the woods near Winolequa Park in Winlock, Washington. Police arrested her boyfriend, 20-year old Joseph Lowery, alleging that he shot her for disrespecting “the Juggalo Family”.

Lowery and a 16-year old male accomplice were arrested for what Lewis County Deputy Prosecutor thinks is premeditated attempted murder. According to police reports, the victim was at a friend’s house when she heard that her boyfriend was coming over. Fearing for her safety, she left the home to hide in the woods.

Both males are self-described Juggalos. A facebook page attributed to Lowery shows him as a member of three Juggalo-related groups, including one called “Juggalo Family,” the very subject of the alleged dissing by the victim.

Police allege that the 16-year old accompanied Lowery to the crime scene, handed him a gun and watched while Lowery shot his girlfriend. Fortunately, the woman was taken to the hospital and released.

Each Juggalo is being held on $500,000 bail.

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