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Juggalos are one of the more interesting subcultures in America. Since the FBI classified them as a gang in 2011, there’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding them. Are they, in fact, a gang? Even the FBI concedes that crime among Juggalos is petty and unorganized. The Juggalo Crime Reporter exists to document all the juggalo-related crime we can find.


Halifax, NS

Two juggalos are being sought after stealing a parrot from the Pets Unlimited store in Bedford. One man distracted store employees while the other walked into the bird area and abducted the valuable bird. Store employees tried to pursue the kidnapper but were blocked by his accomplice. One man spoke slowly, according to police. The other wore a “Juggalo” t-shirt.


Las Vegas, NV

Timothy Dudley, a homeless man and self-proclaimed Juggalo, was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly stabbing a 19-year old man, Zachary Battista. The 31-year old Dudley denied stabbing anyone, claiming Battista and his friends started a fight with him after he asked them for money. Reports state that Dudley received forehead wounds after allegedly beating his own head against the metallic mesh separating him from the front of the police car. He is accused of threatening to bite officers. Dudley claims to be a former member of the Irish Republican Army.



Corpus Christi, TX

When one of Johanna Christy’s grandsons was unable to reach her in February of this year, he became concerned and asked police to check in on her. That’s when they made a gruesome discovery: 28-year old David Christy, Johanna’s other grandson, had allegedly murdered her with a blow to the head and buried her body in her backyard. Adding to the horror, police say a chainsaw found at the home had been used to cut the body of his deceased grandma into four pieces before burial. Full Article


Austin, TX

At least one Austin police officer is blaming Juggalo “gang-members” for an increase in pickpocketing and robberies in downtown-Austin’s entertainment district. Drunken bar patrons, as well as area homeless, have been the primary targets of the crimes. KTBC/Fox 7 reports that officers are trying to differentiate between harmless juggalos and those suspected of gang activity. So far they have identified about 20 juggalos-of-interest: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/20036928/apd-juggalos-may-be-responsible-for-rise-in-downtown-crime#ixzz2BeeYhwR2


Rosemont, CA

18-year old Daniel Cartwright has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his 40-year old father, Richard Cartwright. Cartwright apparently made the call to 911, saying that he had shot his father. He was waiting for police when they pulled into the apartment complex where his father had lived. Police found a gun believed to be the murder weapon, though a motive was unclear at the time of the arrest. The Sacramento Bee article detailing the events of the arrest states that Cartwright’s Facebook page indicates that he identifies himself as a Juggalo:



Lake Tahoe, NV

A South Lake Tahoe man is facing facing charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and the manufacturing of at least 100 plants. The article states that detectives believe he “is linked to a ‘loosely-organized criminal group called the ‘Juggalos””.



Anderson, CA

Two males, one 17 and one 21, are arrested for allegedly attacking a 19-year old male with a knife.  The attack came during an argument over Juggalo music:  http://www.andersonvalleypost.com/news/2012/oct/19/apd-arrest-two-involved-morning-stabbing/   A twitter account supposedly associated with the 21-year old contains a tweet describing himself as “the A-Town Juggalo”.


Kansas City, KS

The rapper Creepyface (real name: Chad Ford), a self-proclaimed “Juggalo for Life”, is shot and killed.  One of the men charged for his murder is the rival rapper Devil Boy, who is Ford’s brother-in-law.  Devil Boy’s cousin is charged with the shooting, while Devil Boy himself allegedly drove the car from which the shots were fired:   http://www.kansascity.com/2012/10/20/3877054/rising-rapper-creepyface-dies.html


Devil Boy, a.k.a. Daniel Barlett


Watsonville, CA

Police are looking for Mark Wayne Greer for allegedly failing to register as a sex-offender. Greer has a juggalo tattoo on his neck.



Kalispell, CA

19-year old Dante Kier, a self-proclaimed juggalo, allegedly enters a Kalispell, California home and stabs the owner in the arm and “inside his mouth” with a steak knife.  Kier then attempts to stab the homeowner in the ribs.  The wife and children of the homeowner are home but unharmed during the attempted murder:   http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/gang_member_charged_with_kalispell_stabbing/25801/



Washington, DC

Juggalos are added to FBI’s National Gang Threat Assessment list.  The FBI’s report states that Juggalo crime is generally “sporadic, disorganized, individualistic, and often involve(s) simple assault, personal drug use and possession, petty theft, and vandalism”.  However, the report states that a small number of Juggalos are forming subsets that engage in more serious, felonious gang-like activity.  The report says that Juggalo sub-sets have been identified in at least 21 states:  http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/2011-national-gang-threat-assessment


Bartlesville, OK

An alleged “wanna-be juggalo” is allegedly the perp of hit-and-run.  Andrew Davis is charged with hitting a pedestrian and dragging him 100 feet before fleeing the scene.  Davis and his passenger are said to have yelled “Woot! Woot!” as the accident unfolded:  http://www.kjrh.com/dpp/bartlesvillelive/bartlesville-police%3A-clown-faced-hit-and-run-driver-a-%27wanna-be%27-juggalo
His mugshot reminds us of the line, “You don’t want to be the guy in prison wearing the most makeup.”

Andrew Davis mugshot, with Juggalo makeup

Andrew Davis mugshot, with Juggalo makeup


South Salt Lake, UT

Sherry Black is brutally murdered with multiple stab-wounds in the bookshop she ran with her husband. The Deseret News reports that Black had purchased stolen rare books from a “Juggalo gang member with a history of making threats”. Lorin Nielsen received a 90-day jail sentence for theft and theft by deception. As of the publishing of the article, it is unclear if Nielsen is a suspect in the murder: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700089947/Reports-Slain-bookseller-Sherry-Black-unknowingly-bought-stolen-items-from-gang-member-with-history.html?pg=2


Muskogee, OK

Felisha Wilham is arrested for a warrant of child abduction after being found with Jacob Southern, an 11-year old boy who had gone missing the day before. A high-resolution surveillance camera at the boy’s apartment complex allegedly captured Wilham and Jacob walking off the property toward Wal-Mart. Lt. Bobby Lee of the Muskogee Police states that Wilham is a Juggalette, and her boyfriend is a Juggalo: http://muskogeephoenix.com/local/x908932616/Missing-boy-found-Woman-held-on-child-abduction-warrant
According to a second article on muskogeephoenix.com, Wilham was charged with three felonies, and her purpose was to take the boy to Tulsa to “be a member of, or in furtherance of the Insane Clown Posse gang.”: http://muskogeephoenix.com/local/x908932860/Woman-charged-in-abduction-case


Miamisburg, OH

19-year old Cody Henderson, a self-proclaimed “Juggalo 4 Life”, is in custody after allegedly robbing and stabbing his step-dad, Charles Zan II, 40+ times:  http://www.oxfordpress.com/news/crime/slain-man-his-wife-had-personal-financial-turmoil-records-show-359662.html  Henderson’s mother, Pandora Zan, had a contentious relationship with her husband and had served prison time for armed robbery.  On April 21, 2011, Pandora was sentenced to life in prison, without parole, for planning the murder with her son.  On July 3, 2011, the Dayton Daily News reported that Henderson pleaded guilty to the murder.



Seattle, WA

Police respond to a “shots fired” call, and find a man who was shot in the jaw.  Witnesses say the gunman was wearing clown makeup; dozens of juggalos were in the area that night:   http://www.komonews.com/news/local/43215247.html


Stroudsburg, PA

The body of 21-year old Michael Goucher is found with 20 stab-wounds from a knife and meat cleaver. Police arrest Ian Seagraves and Shawn “Skippy” Freemore with the murder. A notebook found in Freemore’s car contains rap lyrics that allegedly detail the murder. One line says “He thought he’d get laid but with his blood he paid”. Freemore is wearing an ICP t-shirt when he is arrested. At the trial, Seagraves says he always carried a knife “because he was a Juggalo”:




Apex, NC

Mathew Silliman, 18, is reported missing on November 26. His body is found on December 2 inside a sleeping bag in a vacant home.  Plastic bags are wrapped around Silliman’s head and feet, and duct tape is covering his mouth. At least one self-proclaimed juggalo, along with three other Apex teens, is charged with his murder.  All are under 18 at the time of the crime:   http://www.wral.com/search/?q=silliman+juggalo&x=0&y=0&jump=1; http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/11/15/805092/khan-apologizes-for-role-in-sillimans.html


Cape Coral, FL

A 15-year old juggalo is apparently the catalyst to a group of gang-member arrests in Cape Coral, FL. Police say his myspace page contained a “hit-list”, naming a teacher, police officer, and classmates.


Kearns, UT

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that 22-year old “Juggalo gang member” Scott Tyler Stapley is sentenced to 3-to-life for attacking a man with a battle-ax:  http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_product=SLTB&p_theme=sltb&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&p_topdoc=1&p_text_direct-0=127131D72E84A930&p_field_direct-0=document_id&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date:D&s_trackval=GooglePM  A memorandum decision in the case of State of Utah, Plaintiff and Apellee, vs. Scott Tyler Stapley, Defendant and Appellant, outlines the supposed events of the night of the attack.  Stapley and his aquaintance, Cody Augustine, were drinking alcohol together, when Augustine told Stapley’s roommate that he suspected he caught an STD from a former partner of his girlfriend’s (referred to as J.E.).  Posing as his girlfriend, Augustine texted J.E. and planned a meeting at J.E.’s house.  J.E., a 17-year old, ran when Stapley and Augustine arrived.  Augustine chased him into the street, where Stapley struck him with a battle-ax.  J.E. was hit a total of 12 times between the ax and Augustine’s knife.  J.E. was hospitalized for 5 days and underwent two surgeries, but lived.  http://ut.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.20110225_0000062.UT.htm/qx  A blog entitled “The Axe Effect”, by Stapley’s friends, purports to tell “The Scott Stapley Story”.  As of the writing of this entry, the website features a knife-weilding clown impaling a small “emo” person.  The caption reads “juggalo vs. emo… no contest”.



Lakewood, WA
A group of juggalos allegedly rob and threaten to decapitate park patrons with a machete in Fort Steilacoom Park.  The attacks occur over several nights, and injure 23 people.  Anthony Pierce, one of the first 3 juggalos to be arrested in the attacks, says that area juggalos are becoming increasingly gang-like: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20060712&slug=insaneclowns12m