Newspaper Staff See UFO in Orangeburg, SC in 1950


On March 9, 1950, dozens of people in Orangeburg, South Carolina reported a “flying saucer” that reportedly hovered over the city for about fifteen minutes. The disk-shaped craft then “disappeared leaving a vapor trail”.

Reports state that before taking off, the disk slowly turned from a position perpendicular to the horizon, to a position parallel to the horizon, then back to perpendicular.

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The Orangeburg Times and Democrat, the local newspaper, had six of its staff members witness the object after being alerted to its presence by the wife of the editor. They described the craft from their vantage point as being similar in size and color to the new moon. It was brighter to them than the new moon, however.

The late 40’s and 50’s were an active time for “flying saucers”. In fact, on the same day as the Orangeburg sightings, similar reports came in from Van Nuys, California describing a bright disk at an altitude of around 400 feet.

In October of the same year, four flying saucers were reported hovering over Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Statesville Record & Landmark (Statesville, NC) March 10, 1950