On Sibale Island, Governor Issues Kill Order for Werewolves


On a Small Island in the Philippines, the Hunt is On for the Filipino Werewolf … or the Chupacabra… or an Aswang… or Something!

AswangThe governor of the Romblon province of the Philippines has issued a “shoot-on-site” order for the creatures that the Manila Standard Today is calling “werewolves”. According to the paper, 211 goats have been killed since 2012 on Sibale Island, an isolated island in the Philippines with a population of around 4,500. The island is only a little over 7.5 square miles in size, but it’s interior is densely forested, with many caves and streams.

Fears Rising; Locals Hunting the Beast

One creature was about to attack a tethered goat belonging to Vincent Fajutagana, a farmer who walked out in time to see a big, black dog with “bloodshot eyes” disappear into the forest. Locals believe the creatures are shape-shifting vampires who take the form of dogs or wolves. According to the paper, the goats have their blood sucked out and their hearts and livers eaten (but nothing else), while leaving the rest of the body intact. This has understandably led some to speculate over the legends surrounding the mythical chupacabra (the creatures are, after all, sucking the blood from goats). The residents of the island have taken it upon themselves to hunt the creatures. Nightly patrols are conducted by men with knives and sharpened bamboo sticks. The paper states that the recent super moon was a time of particular nervousness for the locals, because the nights leading up to the super moon were filled with numerous attacks. With two more super moons in August and September, and a diminishing number of farm animals, some are frightened that the beasts may begin attacking children.

Eerie Similarities in Filipino Folklore

The “Aswang” is a popular creature in Filipino folklore that has eerie similarities to the animal now stalking Sibale Island. The Aswang is a cross between a vampire and a werewolf, prefers eating fetuses and small children, and favors eating the liver and heart of its prey. By day, the Aswangs are in human form, but change into animal form at night in order to hunt. They usually take the form of a dog, and are said to have bloodshot eyes, because rather than sleep at night, they hunt.

This Youtube video shows scenes from the small island where the attacks are occurring:


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