Six-Year Old Boy Escapes Blood Sacrifice by Mother


Some of the most disturbing stories about black magic in the modern era come from India. In the city of Indore, the largest in the state of Madhya Pradesh with a population of around 1.5 million, a six-year old boy named Himanshu Gome fled from people attempting to use him in a blood ritual. The people who wanted his blood? His own mother and her family.

His mother, Sapna Gome, along with her parents and two siblings, became convinced that a treasure was hidden somewhere in their home. They reckoned that the only way to find the treasure was in exchange for a blood ritual, and Sapna figured it would be just fine to use the blood of her son. The group made a failed attempt to perform the ritual last year, and another just recently. Himanshu is under the protection of his father and grandmother, who filed the police report against the child’s mother. Read the full story here.