Woman Captures Strange Lights on Camera in Haunted Nebraska Home


A few weeks ago I was contacted through our Facebook Page by a friend of a woman who had been experiencing strange events in her Nebraska home. The woman’s friend, whose name was Jeligha, was particularly concerned after finding a strange picture on her phone, and her friend asked me to call Jeligha to discuss the situation.

Jeligha was a very polite and good-natured person, but it soon became evident that she was frightened. She told me that she lived alone in a relatively small home with no pets. She would often hear noises she couldn’t account for, and from time to time would find that small items in her kitchen had been knocked over.

The most unsettling events surrounded a decorative artificial tree in her house. It seemed that wherever Jeligha displayed the tree, it would fall over. The tree’s base never appeared unstable, and it was unclear why it constantly fell. The tree was in her bedroom for a while, and would occasionally even fall on her while she slept, badly startling her.  One night, she said, after awakening in the middle of the night, she thought she saw a dark shadow peeking at her through the branches of the tree.

Perhaps the creepiest story she told related to a dream she had one night. She dreamed that her arm was being pulled and pulled by some unseen force. The dream was frightening, so she startled awake. When she did, her arm fell down onto the bed – it had been extended straight out in her sleep as if someone was actually pulling it!

Jeligha is a woman of devout faith and does her best not to dwell on the strange events, as she doesn’t want to give anything that is there any recognition. However, she became particularly concerned after finding an odd photograph on her phone, and contacted us to see if we had any answers. While her young grandson was visiting, Jeligha let him play with her phone’s camera, as she often did. Later, as she went through the photographs, she came across one photo that seems to show a bizarre band of pink and white lights in her living room. If you look closely, it appears that you can see the shadow of the lights on the wall behind them.

I had to admit that I’d never seen anything quite like that before, though I did ask Jeligha if her phone had a case with a strap, or if she could think of anything (however small) that could have been photographed close to the flash. She told me that there was nothing like that.

The first pic below shows what the area typically looks like, and the second shows the mysterious lights her grandson captured. So what do you think? Have you seen anything like this before? Is this a spirit or a simple, easily explainable photo “anomaly”? Leave your comments below or email your thoughts to strangetrek@gmail.com. We’d also love to get your own ghost stories and / or photos.

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